Victorville high speed train

[지역 소식] 빅토빌 고속철 2020년 착공


빅토빌 고속철이 2020년 착공된다. 10월 23일, 경제개발 은행(The California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank)은 건설비용으로 32억5000만달러를 승인했다.
버진 트레인 USA는 빅토빌과 라스베가스를 잇는 고속철을 내년 착공할 계획이다.

From 샌버나디노 카운티 수퍼바이저 러빙굿

   The California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank on Wednesday approved $3.25 billion in bonds, a critical step that will allow Virgin Trains USA to move forward on its plans to build a high-speed train between Las Vegas and Victorville.

   The move allows private institutional investors to purchase the bonds, thereby providing funds for the project. Virgin Trains USA has said it plans to begin construction in 2020.

   “This is a monumental day in the history of the High Desert,” San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Robert A. Lovingood said. “This high-speed rail project across San Bernardino County will provide an economic engine that this area has never seen before, from construction and tourism to support services. This is a day to remember.”

Supervisor Lovingood said the rail project will infuse $46.9 million annually into San Bernardino County with the creation of jobs, housing, retail, and commercial activity. The daily trains will travel the 180-mile distance between destinations in about 90 minutes, reaching speeds of 150 miles per hour. The company also plans to build a station on 80 acres in Victorville and acquire 225 acres for housing and retail/commercial development near the station in North Victorville.